Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC

Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC

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Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC

Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC in Whistler BC BC British Columbia

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Whistler, BC is truly the height of excellence. World-renowned ski slopes are matched only by spectacular golf courses, white water rapids and superb Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC and restaurants at the premier ski destination for North America. We provide private, luxury, 5 star, first class, fully furnished, Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC at affordable prices in Whistler BC.

The city of Whistler BC is built around the number one rated ski hill in North America, Whistler Blackcomb. When it comes to skiing and snow board riding, Whistler Blackcomb is excellence and variety. Very close to your Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC you can choose from steeps, deeps, chutes, high alpine bowls, glades, superb corduroy, long cruisers, and gentle rollers. Riders and skiers will revel in the Parks and Pipes on Blackcomb, the World Cup Superpipe, plus natural launch pads, hits, wind-lips, cornices, cliff drops, and ridges - the place is like a huge, natural terrain park all within walking distance of your Whistler village Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC! Many of our Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC are also Ski in and ski out chalets!

Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC in Whistler BC BC British Columbia

When you're done exploring the 7,000 plus acres of terrain on both mountains, head down to the valley and experience Whistler Village life, just outside the door of your Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC. Whistler Village, and either right next to your Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC or after a short ski in/ski out, has restaurants, shopping, indoor activities, après and nightlife action. Or get involved in the many other winter activities Whistler BC British Columbia has to offer: Winter Sports and Activities at Whistler, Cross-country Skiing Ski & Snowboard School, Dog sledding Snowcat Skiing/Snowboarding, Fishing Snowcat tours, Flightseeing Snowmobiling, Heli-Skiing/Boarding Snowshoeing, Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides Spring Skiing & Snowboarding.

Here are some more of the awards that Whistler BC has achieved:

  • The UK paper the Daily Telegraph voted Whistler BC the Best Ski Resort in October 2000 and 2001.
  • Snowboard Life Magazine rated Whistler BC the Number One Snowboard Resort in North America in 2000.
  • The UK publication The Good Skiing & Snowboarding Guide voted Whistler BC North America Resort of the Year in September 2000 and Whistler BC won that publications Golden Ski Awards in 2001
  • Vancouver Courier voted Whistler BC the Best Weekend Getaway Best Ski/Snowboarding in their Reader's Choice Awards in 2000.
  • SKI Magazine readers voted Whistler the Number One Ski Resort on the continent in the magazine's 1999,1996 and 1995-reader survey.
  • Mountain Sports and Living has rated Whistler the #1 Ski Resort in North America 7th Consecutive Year
  • Skiing Magazine editors selected Whistler as the Number One Ski Resort in North America in 2000, 1999, 1998 and 1996.
  • Snowboard Canada - December '98 Best Snowboard Destination In North America 3rd Consecutive Year
  • Japan's publication the Blueguide Ski's Ski Magazine voted Whislter BC the #1 International Destination for 11 Consecutive Years.
  • The US publication The Seattle Magazine voted Whistelr BC the #1 Ski Destination in Pacific Northwest for 4 Consecutive Years.
  • The Econoguide - Ski and Snowboard America made Whistler BC the #1 Ski Resort in the West in 1999.
  • Golf Digest Magazine rated Whistler as one of the top 50 Greatest Golf Destinations.

Whistler, BC and your Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC will make any holiday complete. Come, visit us and enjoy your Holiday Chalet Accommodation Whistler BC in Whistler BC. Make sure you book really early for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Whistler BC because we will certainly be booked up!

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