Vacation Chalet Acommodation Vancouver Island BC

Vacation Chalet Acommodation Vancouver Island BC

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Vacation Chalet Acommodation Vancouver Island BC

West Coast Rainforest Trail Vacation Chalet Acommodation Vancouver Island BC

Vancouver Island BC is the gem of the Pacific. A beautiful and diverse island off British Columbia's west coast, it has glorious rainforests, amazing wildlife and many different destinations, each with its own charm. Kilometers of beaches, acres of forests, intriguing towns and fantastic adventure abound.

Tonquin Beach Vacation Chalet Acommodation Vancouver Island BC

Vancouver Island has many different cultural aspects from the rich Native heritage to colonial English roots all the way to modern urban settings, there is a little of everything offered on Vancouver Island. Victoria BC is the largest city on Vancouver Island sometimes making people believe that Vancouver Island is called Victoria Island but that is incorrect. Vancouver Island is named after Captain George Vancouver. Vancouver had meticulously mapped the continental shore line from latitude 56 degrees north, in southeastern Alaska, to his assigned southern limit. He proved once and for all that there was no mythical Northwest Passage. It was a remarkable accomplishment, a tribute to Vancouver's perseverance, drive, and energy. Without Vancouver's monumental work, it is conceivable that the northern boundary of Oregon might have been fixed at latitude 54/40 North and Canada today would have no Pacific shores.

Fish, hike, kayak, surf, scuba dive Vacation Chalet Acommodation Vancouver Island BC

Victoria BC, the provincial capital, sits at the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island BC and is the island's largest city. Parksville BC and Qualicum Beach BC are just a scenic hour and a half drive north of Victoria BC. Parksville BC and Qualicum Beach BC offer long sandy beaches and world-class golf. On the west coast of the island, the Pacific waves attract brave surfers and windsurfers. A few hours from Victoria BC on the west coast, lies the charismatic town of Tofino BC, known for its fantastic fishing and stunning beach, Long Beach. A visit to Tofino BC should also include a drive through Cathedral Grove and the Carmanah Valley to be amazed by the rainforest and its giant stands of redwoods. The northern part of the island boasts great fishing and rich wildlife, including lots of opportunities to see killer whales (orcas).

Fish, hike, kayak, surf, scuba dive and explore Vancouver Island BC or just relax and take in the breath-taking scenery. Beauty, peace and tranquility converge with plenty of adventure on this island.

Whatever you are looking for, Vancouver Island BC has something to offer everyone. Please visit one of our other sites to learn more about Victoria BC, Vancouver Island BC, Vancouver BC, Tofino BC and Whistler BC.

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